One of my best friends growing up was Trained Flea. He was amazing – he had his own airplane & went on great adventures. Adults referred to him as imaginary – but when you think about it what friend isn’t at least a little bit make believe? Truly my imagination is one of my best friends.

I am a wild woman who craves equally the company of creatures and places of the natural world & that of humans who inhabit it. I am a puzzle solver, solution finder, connection maker & idea generator. I am an artist, writer and meaning seeker. I have a great sense of humor. I am an intellectual who leads with my heart. I follow breadcrumbs to see where they lead. I want more. I want to contribute, to serve and to play.

Making art, for me, is coming home.

My paintings are an exploration of beauty – in dirty gritty grey, gleaming red, ghostly white, saturated blue. In all the endless colors.They are an expression of possibility for myself, for you & for the world. They are an act of love.