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I am a possibility provocateur. I paint as an expression of of my belief in possibility. Not as proof, not because I think there are any guarantees and not because I disregard the work and effort necessary to convert possibility to desired outcome.

When I was invited to leave my job in July, 2009 I faced a choice – continue a career in which I was skilled and had been successful in spite of my unhappiness or try something else. The discomfort with following the “safe” path had become great enough that I chose to try something else. I moved from one valley to another – Silicon to Napa and started to figure things out while continuing to do consulting projects. While I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time I was also remembering who I am and through that I began to believe in possibility again. A little.

I enrolled in a life coaching training program with the plan of building a coaching practice and doing art on the side. The program was very effective – but not in the way I expected it to be. Yes, it honed my coaching skills but the real outcome was that it made it clear that I didn’t want to build and run a business that would keep me away from art.

I have great coaching skills and loved the time I spent with my clients but I am an artist and I was finally willing to set the naysayers and fear aside and pursue my art as my vocation, profession and life. I am in the midst of that pursuit, I have no crystal ball telling me where this path leads. And I’ve never been happier. I have made lifestyle trade-offs, I smile politely at the naysayers who echo the “starving artist” refrain and I continue to believe in this possibility for myself.

Believe with me, even if just for a minute – what would you try out of a belief in possibility?

Thank you for witnessing my belief.


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  1. Franci:

    Very refreshing to read that you are happy. To say you have never been happier is a great statement.
    I hope to see you at SCU for our 30th.

    Warm personal regards,