art as magic

I’ve always been a reader. My favorite books growing up included the Narnia Chronicles, Dune and classic science fiction from Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein. Plus anything with horses in it. I especially loved stories that involved magic, mystical powers, sorcery etc.

I am still captivated by stories and experiences that reach beyond logical explanation.

Our local Open Studios event was this past weekend. My studio was dressed up for the occasion with my finished art arranged around me as I welcomed those who came to visit. A common question was, in essence, how do I get from a blank canvas to a finished painting? I explained my process – that I don’t have a clear vision of what the finished piece will be and that there will be conversation and dance, layers of paint, adding & subtracting, moments of joy & frustration until what is meant to be emerges. It’s all improvisation. And I love it.

Today I realize that the short answer is Magic. Artists are Magicians. I am a Magician. I conjure art from a primed piece of wood, pigment suspended in a liquid medium, brushes, scrapers, sand paper, spatulas, rollers, box cutters, random bits of paper. Once we’re done we invite the owners of what we have created to find the pieces that belong to them via social media, galleries, consultants, open studios, group shows, etc. Applied synchronicity and serendipity. Magic.

This is a tough time in the world.  My heart hurts daily, the issues feel so monumental. A dear friend sent me a quote from an article  “And there are the artists. The painters and the sculptors, the architects, the actors, the writers, the chefs and the weavers, the composers and musicians, whose life work lifts us up and makes us proud to share a phylum with them, makes it possible still to be glad we are human.”

I hope my Magic infuses your day with love and possibility.



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