back in the saddle

Three months have passed since my last posting. Time can so easily slip by when I’m not paying attention, when I neglect what I am devoted to, when I let distractions take on an importance they don’t deserve.

During my absence here I’ve also traveled both near and far. The far being to the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland where I renewed my connection and love affair with the pulsating life in the land, the warmth of the people, the quality of the light, the sound of the sea and the ancient history that resides in relics across the island.

The travel near was with a group of artist co-conspirators each of whom uniquely shines a beam of pure light into the world through their art. We gathered on a magical ranch near Salinas, California that is the land and legacy of the family of one of the artists. The photo above captures a tiny fraction of the beauty of the place. Together we painted, talked, hiked, laughed, danced, cried, ate, drank. I think the power of the connection between us could solve the world’s energy needs for generations to come. I’ve returned to my studio carrying a bit of each of them in my heart and soul.

It’s good to be back.


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